Go Magnesium Sleep vs Sleepdrops | Which Comes Out On Top?

July 16, 2019
go magnesium sleep
  • •All natural ingredients
  • •Marine sourced
  • •Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • •Taste-free capsule delivery system
  • •Only one dose needed each night
  • •Contains magnesium and tart cherry
  • •Contains additional trace minerals such as calcium
  • •Also helps to relieve anxiety and restlessness
  • •May help with other health issues
  • •Non-habit forming
  • •Felt well-rested in the morning
  • •Only recommended to take one a night
  • •Requires swallowing a capsule (most people do fine with this though)
  • •Is not recommended to use if you take anti-depressant medication


I love sleep. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not talking about sleeping all day or even late into the morning. I’m way too busy for that. What I’m talking about here is that deep, restful slumber that causes you to wake up alert and ready to start the new day. You know the kind of sleep that I’m talking about. The type where you can actually remember your dreams in the morning, and you definitely don’t recall waking up and staring at the clock.go magnesium sleep review

While sleep is sometimes looked at like a luxury, it really is critical for all of your body’s processes. In addition to giving you that sense of clarity that helps you to bust through even the toughest of mental challenges, it also provides your body with the time it needs to restore itself. Proper sleep is important for helping to keep your immune system functioning normally, and your brain needs time to correct all of those neural synapses that help you to think and move your body.

Sleep is so important that even a single sleepless night places you at risk for things such as car accidents since being drowsy affects your decision-making skills and reaction times. So what is a person to do once insomnia kicks in? Sadly, some people just keep trying to trudge on through. I know I sure did at first, but that’s really no way to live.

You may find it hard to fall asleep at just about any point in your life. Even babies have sleep struggles. However, many people find that sleep problems begin in adulthood when things such as changing hormones and work stress start to interfere with their ability to fall asleep. If you can’t sleep, I promise that you are not alone. In fact, you can probably find all kinds of people tossing and turning through the night or heading for a midnight snack. It’s just most people don’t talk about it.

My challenges with sleep began when I was still pretty young. Back then, I remember getting in trouble when my parents checked on me in bed and caught me still playing with my toys. I wish I could chalk it all up to nightmares, but I really never knew why I couldn’t unwind like my friends could.

sleep drops nzThe sleep problems just got worse as I got older. As I went further through school, I found that staying up late for cramming sessions was easy, but I was so foggy headed in the morning that I struggle through every test. That brings us up to today where I now find that I keep thinking through work issues in my head when I should be catching up on my sleep. Or, my body will be exhausted but my mind is just restless.

Recently, my sleep problems even started to cause problems for me at work and in my relationships. Fatigue and exhaustion were affecting my productivity and causing me to develop a bit of a temper. I’d also skip workouts or grab unhealthy sugar-filled snacks just to keep up some type of energy.

After having tried so many tricks to fall asleep, I was still desperate to try anything that could help me not feel like a zombie during every waking moment. When I first heard about sleep drops NZ insomniacs use, I thought that it seemed easy enough. But I didn’t know which one to use. The main two seemed so different that I thought it would be fun to try them both out to see the pros and cons of each one. Hopefully, my experiences can help some of my fellow insomniacs out.

Why Try These Sleep Aids?

I’ve always preferred natural methods for improving my health. When I checked out prescription sleep pills, I was horrified to see all of the side effects. Taking something that is made from natural minerals and plant-based ingredients that my body uses anyway just seemed safer. I also wanted to avoid feeling groggy or having lingering effects occur in the morning. After all, the whole point of this experiment is to actually feel alert and productive each day.

These two sleep aids are the ones that kept coming up when I first did my research for this sleep drops review. Go Healthy Magnesium Sleep especially stood out for using marine magnesium combined with tart cherry to induce sleep. I’d heard many good things about these ingredients so I knew they should work. But, I also wanted to know how well, which is why I wanted to try out two different ones to have some type of comparison to share with everyone.

New Changes I Made to My Sleep Habits

Before I started my experiment to write my sleep drops review, I figured it was best to keep all of the other factors surrounding my sleep habits the same, kind of like a control group. This way, I could tell for sure whether it was the drops working or just a change in my nightly activities.

I started by going through my bedroom to eliminate any distractions from sleep. I put my phone charger in the living room, and put up some room darkening curtains. I also decided to make the last hour before bedtime totally screen-free. Instead of browsing news stories on my phone, I switched to reading actual books. I also did some light stretches for bed but nothing strenuous that could increase my heart rate too much.

Once I had my sleep habits in place, I was ready to give my two new sleep supplements a try. To keep it even more like a true experiment, I made plans to try to use each one for at least a month so that it had time to really take effect.

go magnesium sleep reviewHow to Take Go Magnesium Sleep

I always love it when the directions to take a supplement are only one sentence. All I had to do with this one was take two of the vege capsules about one hour before bedtime. The capsules are easy to swallow, and they do take about an hour for you to start to feel the effects. However, the sleep-inducing effects also last through the night, which makes it possible to avoid having that annoying midnight wake up that leaves you exhausted the next morning. Overall, here is what I found to be the best benefits of using the capsules along with a few of the drawbacks that may or may not impact your choices regarding your sleep habits.

•All natural ingredients
•Marine sourced
•Vegetarian and vegan friendly
•Taste-free capsule delivery system
•Only one dose needed each night
•Contains magnesium and tart cherry
•Contains additional trace minerals such as calcium
•Also helps to relieve anxiety and restlessness
•May help with other health issues
•Non-habit forming
•Felt well-rested in the morning

•Only recommended to take one a night
•Requires swallowing a capsule (most people do fine with this though)
•Is not recommended to use if you take anti-depressant medication

How Sleep Drops Worksleep drops nz

Sleep Drops use a different delivery system compared to the Go Magnesium. These are actual drops that you place under your tongue according to their instructions. This sleep aid uses a two-phase system that is meant to help your body adjust quickly to the herbal ingredients and then stabilize over time.

Phase One lasts five nights. Starting two hours before bedtime, you have to take five to ten drops under your tongue every half hour.

Phase Two starts on the sixth day. At this point, you then go down to only needing to put five to ten drops underneath your tongue an hour before bed and then one more time when you actually go to sleep. You can then repeat the process up to four more times during the night if you find yourself tossing and turning or waking up long before your alarm clock.


My first thought when reading the instructions was that I was going to have to set multiple alarms just to remember to take the next dose. But I still wanted to go into this with an open mind. The drops themselves have a unique taste. They are not bad tasting like some tinctures I have tried, but they are almost sickeningly sweet. You could almost describe it as a sugary honey flavor. The combination of ingredients also seemed more like an herbal tea blend than a supplement. While I find that chamomile and hops help me to relax in a cup full of tea, I’ve never found them to be helpful for actually helping me to get to sleep.

I like to keep things simple, which makes this two-phase system seem slightly annoying. On the upside, it lets you see how well your body adjusts to the drops since you can just do five or the whole ten. This works well for experimental purposes, but I also struggled a lot with sticking to the schedule. After all, I was trying to make that last hour of bedtime relaxing, and having to put drops under my tongue every two hours interfered with that.

At first, the prospect of being able to take additional doses throughout the night seemed enticing, but I also found that it was necessary every night. Waking up multiple times throughout the night still remained a problem, but it was nice to actually fall asleep without too much of a struggle.

So Which One Am I Sticking With?

When I was evaluating sleep drops NZ companies offer, I never thought that I might actually find a solution for my insomnia. However, I have to say that I much preferred the simple dosing and effects that using magnesium provides. Both types of sleep aids helped with increasing a state of relaxation, but it was the capsules that supported sleep all the way through the night without too many early wake ups. I also love the idea of using a product that is vegan-friendly and that is sourced from the ocean rather than using mining or other types of destructive practices.

Since finding a solution for sleep, I find that I can wake up and work with better clarity. Since magnesium is safe when used in the appropriate doses, I can enjoy knowing that this is also a long term solution that I can continue to use without worrying about the effects wearing off or needing to take breaks to wean off the product. Instead, these capsules are completely available for me to use as long as my body doesn’t seem to want to sleep on its own.

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

Since I’ve been telling everybody about how much I love using Go Magnesium Sleep to actually feel rested when I wake up each day, I’ve found that some of the same questions keep coming up. Here’s the answers to what I definitely wondered in the beginning so that you can make the best choices for your sleep health.

Does Taking Magnesium Have Side Effects?

Magnesium does have some side effects, but they are usually mild and not a problem for people
that are healthy. The most obvious side effect of magnesium is drowsiness, which I found to be a
good thing in this case. In large amounts, some people may also experience some gastrointestinal
distress such as stomach upsets. Magnesium can also have a laxative effect on some people.
However, this seems to be less likely when you take it for sleep since you aren’t awake to notice these mild symptoms.

What Happens When You Take Magnesium?

Magnesium is just a natural mineral that your body uses to perform normal functions such as maintain bone structure. It is also used for proper functioning by your body’s nerves, muscles and organs. While you can get magnesium from food sources such as high fiber vegetables, it is common for many people to find that they still lack enough of this essential nutrient.

When you take magnesium for sleep, it helps by serving as a catalyst for healthy enzyme functioning. Within your cells, enzyme-related activity affects how much energy your body produces. Enzymes also stimulate your body to release hormones that are responsible for your bodies stress responses. Poor enzyme functioning may cause you to have that uneasy feeling of anxiousness at bedtime if your body doesn’t release the hormones that signal to you that it is time to relax.

Giving your body the magnesium it needs for healthy enzyme functioning and other body processes allows you to enter into sleep in a state of better overall mental and physical health. Since it also helps to do things, such as reduce inflammation, you’ll find that you also have less physical disturbances that keep you up at night.

What Is Marine Magnesium?

Marine magnesium is sourced from the ocean. This allows the mineral to be collected without damaging the earth’s fragile ecosystem since it does not have to be mined. Ocean water has an abundant supply of marine magnesium, and it is collected from the salts in the water. Once marine magnesium is collected, it is then put through a special process to help purify it before it is turned into the powder that is used in Go Healthy Magnesium Sleep capsules.

Among the many benefits provided by choosing ocean-sourced magnesium is that it also contains other trace minerals and nutrients that your body needs. Calcium, Iron, Manganese and Zinc are just a few minerals that may also be included in your sleep capsules. The natural state of this type of magnesium works well with your body, and it tends to lead to better absorption so that you can enjoy the full effects of better sleep.

So, what do you think? Are you absolutely tired of being tired? While you may feel like you’ve already tried everything, there is still hope available. Go Magnesium Sleep is amazing for helping you to get a good night’s sleep, and you can enjoy knowing that you chose a natural sleep aid that lets you wake up energetic and ready to hit your goals for the day.


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