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May 2, 2023

What is homes co nz?

Visit is a New Zealand-based online marketplace focused on providing valuable information and listings for property buyers and sellers. Owned by PropertyNZ Ltd, the platform was founded by a group of Kiwis seeking to address the lack of readily available data in the country’s real estate market [source]. The website has gained popularity for enabling users to effortlessly search and access comprehensive property listings throughout New Zealand.

The platform distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a user-friendly interface and extensive market insights. By utilizing up-to-date property data, assists prospective buyers and sellers in making informed decisions. The platform’s suite of tools and features, such as property valuations and market trend analysis, provide crucial assistance to users navigating the New Zealand property market.

In recent years, the website has experienced a shift in its global ranking, decreasing from 16,271 to 20,647 over the last three months, yet it remains an important resource for accessing accurate and useful property information in New Zealand [source].


The website is designed to provide users with free estimated values, sales histories, and council records for properties in New Zealand. The main goal of the website is to make property information easily accessible for users in a visually appealing map interface. The site offers detailed information on around 1.7 million properties, eliminating the need for users to rely on multiple sources or log in to get the data they need.

Audience caters to a wide range of audience, including:

  • First-time home buyers and renters seeking information on available properties in their area
  • Homeowners interested in tracking the estimated value of their property or in their surrounding neighborhood
  • Real estate agents and investors looking to research property values and recent sales data
  • Individuals engaging in DIY home improvement projects who require property data for planning purposes

With over 1 million monthly users and a database of more than 9.5K real estate agents, is a valuable resource for property information in New Zealand. The website’s purpose is to cater to users of varying property-related needs, simplifying the process of finding, improving, and investing in real estate.

Property Listings

Search Features offers a variety of search features to help users find the perfect property. Users can input their desired location and refine their search by setting parameters such as property type, price range, and the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. The website also provides options to search for recently sold properties, which can help buyers understand the local market trends.

Additionally, the website displays information about nearby amenities, such as schools, parks, and public transport, to help users make informed decisions about potential properties. The map view feature allows users to visualize property locations and explore neighbourhoods, further enhancing their property search experience.

Property Types showcases a diverse range of property types to cater to different preferences and requirements. Some of the available property types include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Apartments/Flats
  • Townhouses
  • Rent-to-own properties
  • Investment properties
  • Land for sale

This diverse selection ensures that users can find properties suited to their individual needs and preferences. The website also provides relevant information, such as property photos, descriptions, and pricing details, which help users make an informed decision before arranging property viewings.

Market Insights

Trends provides valuable market insights by analyzing current and historical trends in the real estate market. These trends include property values, median sales prices, and the number of sales for a particular area. By examining these trends, users can gain a better understanding of the real estate market and make more informed decisions when buying or selling properties.

For example:

  • Average property values over time
  • Median sales prices for different areas
  • Number of sales in each area


In addition to trends, offers comprehensive analytics to help users further understand the market. These analytics provide detailed information on factors that influence the real estate market and property values, such as local amenities, school zones, and transport links. Users can access this data by searching for a specific address or browsing the interactive map.

Some of the analytics features include:

  • Market comparison between different areas
  • Property value estimation based on nearby properties
  • Local school zones and their impact on property values
  • Access to public transport and the effect on property prices

By exploring the Market Insights section on, users can gain a deep understanding of the real estate market trends and analytics, allowing them to make more informed decisions when navigating the property market.

Additional Tools and Resources provides more than just listings and property data; it offers several additional tools and resources designed to help potential homebuyers, sellers, and property enthusiasts. This section will explore some of these valuable features, including the Mortgage Calculator and Real Estate Blog.

Mortgage Calculator

One useful tool found on is their Mortgage Calculator. This tool assists users in estimating their monthly mortgage payments based on the property’s sale price, the deposit amount, the loan term, and the interest rate. By adjusting these variables, homebuyers can:

  • Gauge their affordability
  • Compare different mortgage options
  • Determine an optimal down payment amount
  • Identify potential savings through refinancing

The Mortgage Calculator provides a simple, user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to input their information and receive accurate results.

Real Estate Blog also maintains a Real Estate Blog, which offers a wealth of information about various property-related topics. By reading the blog, users can improve their understanding of the real estate market and better navigate their property journey. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Market trends and reports
  • Tips for buying and selling property
  • Home improvement ideas
  • Mortgage and financing advice
  • Interviews with industry professionals

The blog features content from both internal experts and guest writers, giving readers a range of perspectives to consider. The articles cater to various experience levels, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned property investors, ensuring there is something valuable for everyone.

User Account and Benefits is a website that aims to help Kiwis make smarter property decisions. One of the features of the website is the ability for users to create accounts and enjoy various benefits associated with having a personalized account. This section will explore the user account features, including the registration process, saved searches, and listings.

Registration Process

The registration process for accounts is designed to be simple and straightforward. Users provide essential information, such as their name, email address, and password during sign-up. Once registered, users can quickly access their accounts, personalize their experience on the website, and make use of the exclusive features associated with having an account.

Saved Searches

One of the benefits associated with having a user account on is the ability to save searches for properties. This feature allows users to:

  • Save search parameters for easy reference at a later time
  • Set up customized search filters based on specific criteria
  • Receive email notifications when new listings match their saved searches

These advantages allow users to easily stay updated on new properties that match their needs and requirements, making the property search process more efficient and tailored to each user’s preferences.


User accounts on offer several advantages when it comes to property listings, including:

  • Access to exclusive property listings only available to registered users
  • The ability to save listings for later review and comparison
  • Features like “favorites” and “notes” for easy organization and management of property listings

These features help users to create a personalized and organized property search experience, empowering them to make well-informed property decisions. The use of user accounts on enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of finding and managing property information on the website.

Conclusion is a valuable resource for those seeking information about the New Zealand property market. The website provides comprehensive and up-to-date data on property values, recent sales, and estimated rental incomes. Utilizing various tools and features, users can make informed decisions when it comes to buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

One notable feature of the website is the interactive map that allows users to explore different neighborhoods, schools, and amenities. The map also provides property listings and sales history, enabling potential buyers and investors to assess the market trends in specific areas.

In addition to property data, offers insightful blog articles covering various topics related to real estate, finance, and lifestyle. These articles are beneficial for users who want to stay informed about the property market and make well-informed decisions.

Furthermore, the website allows users to sign up for free and create a personalized account, through which they can save their favorites properties, access premium features, and receive customized property alerts.

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